About Us


We are the Coates Family.

Our goal is to live life, not just exist in the moment.  We love sharing our adventures on youtube, and other social media platforms.

We are a family of 6 – with 4 boys we quite often get asked if we will try for a girl next, but we are very happy with our family as it is.  With 4 kids, we are on the smaller side in terms of large families.  We love our big family and enjoy spending time together.  Our channel focuses on pursuing our interests, which are often changing.

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We choose to homeschool our children for many reasons.  We love to live in the moment.  Because of this, a public school setting did not fit our needs.

If we had to label ourselves, we would be considered radical unschoolers.  The boys learn through life.  Everyday experiences are valued as education ones, and no interest is ignored.  We have to submit a learning plan to our homeschool board, and every year we have lego as a vital math tool, Minecraft and other online games as tools for language arts, and exploring the world around us as geography and social studies.  We focus on each child as an individual and tailor our approach to their needs.  We do not follow a curriculum or give grades.

One day, we wish to convert a school bus and travel.  We would love to be road schoolers.  This dream will hopefully one day become a reality.  If you wish to help us reach this goal, please contact us.

Minimalism and Zero Waste

Minimalism and zero waste were not always ideals we strived for.  In fact, both are very new ideas which we are exploring.  We are currently on a journey to minimalism and zero waste.

Many moons ago, we were bordering on hoarders.  We kept accumulating things and just filling every free spot in our home.  It was not until a few years ago, and a move across the country, that our minds started to shift.  We began focusing on the importance of family and experiences.  No longer did we crave the next big materialistic item, we craved a calmer environment for creative expression and love.  We had realized that these items were causing us to only exist in our environment, and not live.

We have come a long way.  We now focus on buying what we truly want, not what others market to us.  We use reusable, quality products instead of single-use disposable things.  We experiment and make things ourselves.  We have planted a garden, a mini food forest.  We strive to find useful items which will last us.  Our goal is to teach our children how to live sustainably in the world.


Traveling brings us joy.  We never knew how much we loved exploring the world around us until recently.  We love to camp in the mountains, take day trips to new places, and explore the area in which we live.

One day, we hope to be able to travel much further.  We hope that you will join us as we expand our travels to parts we have never been too.