Book List

Reading is such an important part of our life.  Books will always bring joy and value to our family, no matter how minimalistic we become.

Over the past 4 years, I have donated over 400 books.  Some of those books were ones I purchased with best of intentions but never got around to reading.  Some were books that were read and enjoyed but we were ready to part with.  We still have many books.  The books we chose to keep are ones that have been read multiple times or are valuable for our homeschool life.

We do buy the children certain books – Lucas and Jack both really like Geronimo Stilton, Dogman, Captain Underpants, and Pokemon manga.  Many of the boys’ books have been read numerous times by each child, and Ian is in the process of learning to read so he can read to himself instead of having his brother read these stories to him.  These books are well read and have definitely added value to our home.

For most of our books, we now opt to read ebooks or borrow books from the library.  I received a Kindle for Christmas, and have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.  I have only had the subscription for 2 days and have already read two books.  I also do read-aloud story time with the younger kids and being able to borrow the books from the library or as an ebook is really helpful on reducing the number of books on our shelves.

In 2018, my plan is to read 52 books.  This works out to be a book a week, though at the rate I am going I will be able to take my time on longer books and not worry about not reaching my goal.  I am also encouraging my boys to join in with the 52 books.

As we read books, and as we find books we want to read, we will be updating this page.  We want to be able to share with you our love of books.  If you have any suggestions for books for us, we would love to hear about it!  Please contact us and let us know!


Amy’s Book List

  1. The No-Spend Challenge Guide
  2. Minimalism
  3. The 30-Day Productivity Plan
  4. To-Do List Formula
  5. The Joy of Imperfection
  6. Lift Like A Girl
  7. Habit Stacking
  8. Millionaire Success Habits
  9. Declutter Your Mind
  10. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  11. Natural Born Learners
  12. Radical Unschooling
  13. Practically Green
  14. Zero Waste Home
  15. Be More With Less
  16. Let It Go
  17. Wonder

Lucas’ Book List

(age 9: Grade 4)

  1. Dogman


Jack’s Book List

(age 7: grade 2)