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Seed Inventory and Garden Planning Printables

seed inventory free printables garden planning

Gardening season is upon us!  One of my favourite things about this time of year is discovering seeds for different crops that we have never grown before.  Because of this, I have quite the collection of seeds.

This year, I decided that I needed to get organized and actually make an inventory of the seeds that I have.

In order to help me get organized for the 2018 gardening season, I designed 3 printables.

  • seed collection inventory chart
  • seed sowing guide
  • seed starting log

Each printable is designed to help us stay organized and to build a foundation to have the best growing season possible.

Being organized really helps me wrap my mind around what I want to do with the upcoming growing season.  Each year we expand our garden knowledge and can attempt more than the year before.  Last year we moved into a new home and spent most of the spring making garden beds.  We did not know how much space we were going to have when we started our seedlings, therefore we did not start a lot of different kinds of plants.  This year, we know the space we will be working with and have a better projection of what to expect this growing season.

seed inventory free printables garden planning

This year we will be growing an assortment of old and new seeds.  There are a few things that we like to grow every year.  Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and beans are things we love to grow and have grown them for many years.  Even when we lived in a townhouse, we grew these plants on our small patio.  This year we have a whole bunch of new things that we have never grown before, and we are so excited for the warm weather to come.


Our Seed Collection

I really should have done my inventory sheet before I ordered new seeds, but I got excited and placed an order a few weeks ago from West Coast Seeds.  Because I did not have my inventory done, I ended up missing a few things that I needed to buy.

If you want to check out the haul and see what new seeds we got, click here!

In order to see what seeds I have, and what seeds I need, I made a seed inventory chart.  Our Seed Collection is a simple chart which allows you to keep track of what seeds you have.

seed inventory free printables garden planning

The chart is dividing into 4 easy sections.

  • Crop and Variety
  • Seed Company
  • Purchase Date
  • Notes

How you organize the data on this sheet is up to you.  You could just fill in as you buy seeds, or organize it into subcategories.  I originally thought about organizing my inventory by seed company but decided to organize by crop instead.

I started by sorting all my seeds by crop.  I put all my tomato seeds together, all my herb seeds together, all my cucumber seeds… you get the idea.

Once all my seeds were organized by crop, I wrote down all the different types of seeds I had onto my chart.  I made note of the crop and variety, the seed company, the year of purchase, and then any notes that I had for the seeds from years past.

Some seeds, that we have never grown before, do not have any corresponding notes.  But I tried to make notes for all of the seeds we had grown before.  I made note on which seeds produce quality crops – whether it was a hearty producer or if the fruits or vegetables had great flavour.  Some seeds we did not start early enough last year so I made sure to make those notes so in the future we would know to start them earlier than we had in the past.  I also made notes, outside of the chart, for which seeds we had to buy more of or which seeds I forgot to buy!

I did not realize we were down to only a few yellow zucchini seeds and that I had absolutely zero green zucchini seeds!  If I had taken the time to fill out my chart before I ordered seeds, I would have included those in my order I had just made!

Oh well, I guess that means I will have to go to the local garden centre.  Such a shame. Lol

To get your own FREE seed inventory printable, click here!

free organization printables

Seed Sowing Guide

First off, I will definitely have to revamp these printables next year because the font is bugging me.  I love the font except for the W.  It does, in fact, say Seed Sowing Guide and not Seed Souing Guide.


seed inventory free printables garden planning

I am a very visual person.  I love being able to look at a chart and easily find the information I need.

This chart is a wonderful way for visual learners, like myself, organize their timeline for when they have to plant different crops.  Charts like these are available all over the internet and Pinterest, but we live in a place where the climate is different than the surrounding areas because of our location between mountain and prairie ecosystems.  I could not find a chart that fit our climate and growing needs perfectly, so I created my own which I could fill out.

Another benefit of filling out the chart yourself is that you only add the crops that you wish to grow.  You can also create different guides that are relevant to the different kinds of plants you are growing.  You could fill out one for flowers and another for vegetables or herbs.  We do not have any flowers that we are planning on starting indoors, as we prefer to grow wildflowers or perennials, so our guide is only for our food forest items.

To get your own FREE seed sowing guide printable, click here!!

free organization printables

Seed Starting Log

The final printable I have for you today, and the one which we find most valuable is our seed starting log.

seed inventory free printables garden planning

This printable allows you to organize your crops by when you need to start them indoors, direct sow them, or transplant them to their home in your garden.

We used our seed sowing guide in combination with a calendar to pick dates that worked for our schedule to start all of our seedlings indoors.

You can also fill this out by looking at the seed packets, which usually have approximate days to start the seeds.  For example, our tomatoes said to start 6-8 weeks before the last frost.  A quick google search can estimate when the last frost will be for your area and then, using a calendar, you just have to go back 6-8 weeks.  Now, we know that because of our climate, we need to go on the longer end of that range and potentially even earlier.  For us, we planted our tomatoes this past weekend.  It is the end of February, but we have our seeds in the dirt already.

We estimated our transplant date as May 26th.  That is the weekend after the May 2-4 weekend.  In Canada, May 2-4 has always been planting weekend.  It is also a weekend when you get together with friends and have a BBQ – so maybe you need to plan to invite friends over to help you get all your seedlings in the ground!

To get your FREE seed starting log, click here!


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seed inventory free printables garden planning

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