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Treehugger Cloth Pads: A Zero Waste Product Review


Fluffy pillows for your vagina.  That is how a customer explained Treehugger Cloth Pads, and it could not be a truer statement.

Treehugger Cloth Pads is a Canadian company owned Crystal Burton.  I first discovered Treehugger Cloth Pads 5 years ago, while working in a cloth diaper store, and have been hooked ever since.

Treehugger Cloth Pads makes reusable menstrual and incontinence products.  The pads come in 4 different absorbency sizes: pantyliners, light flow, heavy flow, and overnight or postpartum.  The pads are topped with either minky, bamboo, or cotton and are backed with fleece.


All of my Treehugger pads are ones topped with minky.  Minky is a super soft fabric that is made of synthetic fibres.  Because it is synthetic, it wicks the moisture away from your body and into the interior layers of the pad without you feeling wet.  Another benefit to minky topped pads is that they do not stain.  Light blue is a notorious colour for staining with blood.  I have a light blue pad with red cherries on it, pictured above, and there is not a single stain on it.  That pad is well loved and approximately 3 years old.

The only downside to minky pads is that in the summer, they can feel quite warm.  Having a sweaty vulva when you are already uncomfortable with having your period is not fun, so I tend to use cotton pads in the summer and keep my minky pads for cooler days.  Some people do not notice any difference when using minky in the summer, so it is a matter of personal preference.

Plus look at these cool prints – I love the angry worms!

I have used bamboo and cotton pads on homemade pads, but never the Treehugger Cloth Pads.  I do not buy a lot of minky for my own personal use, so being able to buy those pads from Treehugger is a special treat for me.  Cotton is a more widely available fabric so that is what I tend to use for my homemade pads.  I have been tempted to buy some from Treehugger, but the budget has not allowed for that purchase… yet.  They hand dye their bamboo which results in beautiful and unique pads, so one day I will get my hands on a few!

TMI but on my heavy days, I truly put these pads to the test.  I was a little hesitant at first because they were fleece backed.  I have always been a believer that I had to use PUL backed pads on heavy days to prevent leaks, but I have never had an issue with Treehugger pads leaking through the fleece.  Occasionally I will leak in the corner where the wing meets the main pad, but that is more user error and not changing the pad frequently enough – not a comment on the performance of these pads.

Treehugger pads are very easy to care for and have held up very well over time.  Even after 3+ years of use, they still look quite new.  There is a little bit of pilling on the fleece but that is expected because of the nature of the fabric.

I love cloth menstrual pad as a zero waste alternative to disposable pads.  I was never a fan of disposable pads and until I discovered cloth, I would always choose a tampon over a pad.  I simply hated pads.  I did not like how they smelled, how they felt, and I hated the waste they created.

When I was first introduced to cloth pads, I thought I would hate them for all the same reasons.

I mean, a pad is a pad, right?


Cloth pads do not smell like disposables do.  They are super comfortable – even overnight pads are not terribly bulky and, because of the soft fabrics, I do not notice them like I did a disposable pad.  They are also a lot better for the environment!

If you would like to purchase some Treehugger Cloth Pads of your own, please use my affiliate link.  I receive a small portion of commission while allows me to purchase more cloth pads for myself!

Treehugger Cloth Pads also plants a tree for every pad sold – which is absolutely amazing!

Purchase Treehugger Cloth Pads here:

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